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Back to School Interchangeable Sign

**Interchangeable School Wood Sign! Great photo prop for back to school, 100th day of school, or last day of school! Very versatile and can be used for multiple kids when additional pencils are purchased.

All wood. Words/name are 3D, not engraved.


*The pencils make great refrigerator magnets to hold your little one's schoolwork or art during the year too! :)

**This listing includes 3 apples - which includes 1st, 100th, and Last. An interchangeable pencil for multiple children. A ruler with your choice of PK-12, or K-12. The board which measures approximately 12" x 10".
**The pencils, apples, and arrow have attached magnets for ease in changing them out. Great for using it for many years and kids! :)
**To order, please include the following information:
1) Name
2) Pencil color (Yellow, Royal Blue, Gree, Purple, Red, Pink, Teal, Orange) 



Back to School Interchangeable Sign

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