OPEN WORKSHOP 12/9  6:30pm @ The PROVING Ground

Pallet Party DEPOSIT ONLY. Balance to be paid at the event. 


ALL project colors are chosen by YOU at the event. 


Choose your Project Number. If it is a PERSONALIZED design, be sure to include that information (ie: name, year, address)


If you'd like a customized design, please email that information to, along with any questions you may have.


Event will be held at 

The Proving Ground

56 Shrewsbury Ave.

Highlands, NJ 07732


*be sure to arrive ON TIME, as we will start promptly. Please bring propper face coverings to promote a safe environment. 


*Event will be social distant and masks will be required when not eating/drinking. 


OPEN WORKSHOP 12/9 6:30pm @ The PROVING Ground